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We appreciate that members sometimes find it difficult to get through to Branch Office as we received a very high volume of calls.

The main office telephone number, which is widely advertised, is 01245 354044, but we thought it may ease the situation if we listed some alternative numbers:

All 01245, then either 430913/430903/430904.

If all our lines continue to be busy please send us an e-mail at unison@essex.gov.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible


UNISON Welfare Thereforyou is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL

As you know Winter fuel Grants are currently available – again please make members aware of the grants – last date for applications if 28th February 2014.

Click on this link for details of:

· Winter Fuel grants

· Financial assistance

UNISON Welfare – Debtline Service

Debt can cause a great deal of stress in your life. A small change in circumstances can turn a manageable situation into a debt problem that threatens your home or your family’s wellbeing.

UNISON’s Debtline service is available to all our members to help them manage money and deal with debt. They offer free confidential advice to help you clear your debts.

Debtline can help you deal with:

• credit card debt;
• mortgage arrears;
• home repossession;
• county court judgment claims.

UNISON Welfare Thereforyou is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL

If you require any further information on UNISON Welfare – please contact Branch office




We always need new Unison reps in a number of roles – do you think you could help?


Elected by UNISON members to represent members in a workplace or department (or part of one.) Stewards have full rights to represent their members by meeting management, attending the branch committee etc. There is a full range of training for stewards, and the branch appoints a mentor from amongst experienced activists to advise you.


Elected by UNISON members to represent employees in a workplace or department (or part of one) on health and safety issues specifically. There is clear legal protection and definition of what H&S reps can do. We particularly need people to do this job within Essex County Council departments but volunteers from any workplace would be welcome.


If you don’t feel able to do either of the other jobs we can always use people to act as named contacts between the branch and a workplace/ department. We can email or post you useful information and from time to time we may ask you to find out the feeling amongst members on specific issues for us.

If you are interested in doing any of these jobs please contact the branch office (see below).

The branch website address is www.unisonessex.org.uk and we now have a Facebook presence as well – look for UNISON Essex Branch and become a friend. Please be aware that Facebook posts can be seen by managers and others – there have been disciplinary cases against people in Essex who have said something ill-advised things about their work, employer or colleagues.
Don’t post anything on Facebook that you would not put on a postcard to work.

UNISON Essex County Branch, 70 Duke St, Chelmsford CM1 1JP. unison@essex.gov.uk Tel. 01245 354044


























































































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Contact Details

70 Duke Street
Chelmsford CM1 1JP
(postal address only)

01245 354044
County Hall/Ednet extension: 20905
(8am – 4.30pm)

01245 353443

unison@essex.gov.uk (general enquiries)
unison.essexcounty@virgin.net (confidential)

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