Interim Working Practice

The branch has received information from the regional teams on the development of the interim working practice within the social care service, the branches advise on this topic is to keep the branch updated on all concerning emails and if individuals have any working issues they should be contacting there line managers.
I am sharing a extract from the flexible working policy that can be viewed online:-
Point 2
In line with ECCs flexible working policy you are expected to be flexible within reasonable limits regarding your normal pattern of work where required by ECC. ECC will give reasonable notice of any permanent change of working days, hours, or pattern and endeavour to give you reasonable notice of any temporary change of working hours or pattern.
I would encourage members to refer to their re-design share points and the flexible working policy , E C C  have relayed to us that if staff feel the new arrangements are causing hardship they should have an open conversation with line managers.
The branch has received many enquiries about front line staff making face to face contact with service users and the ongoing fears both for themselves and the clients they are caring for with the distinctive lack of P P E , we are endeavouring to establish  contractual consequences for those staff unwilling to put themselves in that position.
Can I remind members that the branch office is closed but all our staff are working from home. I would also like to ask all members that we have email addresses for to pass this information on to other members and encourage them to supply email addresses so that we can keep all members updated during this period 
Our email address is unison@essex  or you can phone us on 01245 354044 

26th March 2020

Please be advised that as a result of the Governments advice regarding social distancing measures and the ban on all non-essential travel outside the home (please see the latest advice here: Unison (Essex County Branch) has taken the decision to close the Duke Street, Chelmsford office until further notice.

The branch has made alternative arrangements to minimise any disruption this may cause and will continue to provide support to our members throughout this uncertain period. To contact the us please call: 01245 354044

Further advice from Unison can be found here

This is a difficult time for everybody and the Unison team hopes that all its members keep safe and well and we would especially like to thank all those front-line staff going beyond the call of duty to help those in need!

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