Social Workers

UNISON is speaking up for social workers.

We believe you do a vital job supporting children, adults and families in vulnerable situations.

Yet at times it seems like social workers get little credit but plenty of blame

Little credit for helping to improve the lives of tens of thousands of people with multiple and complex problems.

Plenty of blame when a tragedy or a crime has not been prevented, or when social workers are condemned as over-zealous and interfering.

People in need deserve social workers who have the time and resources to support them properly. And, because of the difficult job you do, you need a union that supports you.

We want a better deal for social workers – better pay and safer working conditions, reduced workloads and the right tools to do the job.

We also believe it’s vital that social workers have a strong voice in the current debate on the future of social work.

Speaking up for social workers: Find out the latest and have your say

We believe it’s vital that social workers have a strong voice in the debate about the future of social work.

That’s why we’re asking for your views on all aspects of social work. Please use the pages to feed in your views and encourage your colleagues to join the union and get involved.

The Speaking up for social workers campaign page is now live on the UNISON website at (in a new window)

There is also a mailbox where members can send in their views about the current debate on social work across the UK. We will feed these responses in to the various reviews of social work including the Social Work Taskforce for England.

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